• Turboclicker.

    Turboclicker is designed to never fail.

    We provide a clean user experience, allowing you to finally cheat on that clicker game you despise,
    or cheat in that Minecraft 1.8 PVP match, or cheat in that Roblox simulator.
    Anything you can imagine.
    Orrrr, you could just test out your CPS with Turboclicker.

    Update Log

    v2.3 - Added settings feature

    v2.2 - Added option to join Discord

    v2.1 - Fixed Discord RPC CPS issue

    v2 - Fixed not closing backgroundWorker issue, UI Redo, loading screen, faster performance, optimized for low-end PCs, and Discord RPC to brag to your friends.

    v1.4 - UI Redo, faster performance

    v1.1 - Fixed UI issue

    v1 - turboclicker was born :O